In general in Inter Company and Inter TSO trainings several different companies are taking part represented by their control centres. Inter Company and Inter TSO training is especially focusing on:

    • Coordination of different control centres
    • Communication between different control centres
    • Cooperation of the involved control centres

The diagram  shows the possible combination of the different interacting control centres (respectively companies) involved.

The abbreviations used are:

  • TSO –     Transmission system operator
  • DSO – Distribution system operator
  • PP –     Power plant operator

The diagram further shows the interfaces between the control centres. Besides that the group of operators for whom this training program is relevant could be derived from the diagram. Training can be performed as

  • Company Training (TSO or DSO or PP)
  • Inter Company Training (TSO – DSO – PP)

The modules ‘Emergency’ and ‘Restoration’ form the core part of the training program. The content of these modules deal with the system states ‘Alert’, ‘Emergency’ and ‘Blackout’ and complement each other. The training starts with the module ‘Restoration’ followed by the module ‘Emergency’ and being completed by the module ‘Alert’.