Simulator based training is a specific kind of training for power system operators improving practical skills and knowledge as well as online decision making according to real time power system operation.

DUtrain is specialized in design, development and performance of simulator based operator training courses. The company maintains its own operator training simulator (PSH – Power System Handler) in its training centre in Duisburg, Germany.

Training courses are covering the tasks of system operation to be performed in the control centres under ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ operational conditions as well. The courses are designed to the particular client’s needs and requirements. Especially for the practical training sessions a replica of client’s power system will be implemented in the training simulator. This gives training participants optimal inside into their power system and the improved operator’s competence could be directly transferred to real life situations. This improved competence helps the client to ensure the quality of power system operation in today’s Electricity Supply Industry.

DUtrain provides simulator based training related to the tasks that are required to be performed in power system control centres. The general objectives are covering:

  • Physical phenomena in power systems, especially during system restoration
  • Practical experience of power system operation, especially in abnormal situation
  • Analysis of system conditions and situation based acting, including curative and preventative measures

The training is offered as

  • Training for a single company (CT)
  • Inter Company Training (ICT), e.g. participation of TSO-DSO and power production companies (PP)
  • Inter TSO Training (ITT) involving different TSOs

In addition to the topics mentioned above, Inter Company and Inter TSO training is especially focusing on:

  • Coordination of different control centres
  • Communication between different control centres
  • Cooperation of the involved control centres

The practical part of the training is performed using the especially developed operator training simulator. In general, operational realistically replicas of the control centre diagrams including power production and loads are used. The simulator is capable to represent different control centres in parallel to perform this kind of training. So, the operators receive hands-on knowledge and experience handling their ‘own’ system, gaining a mutual understanding of the neighbouring systems and the overall interconnected system. This knowledge can be transferred immediately to real life situations and improve operating the power system to the quality ensured.