Company Training

In the Company Training Sessions operators of one single company are trained.

The modules ‘Emergency’ and ‘Restoration’ form the core part of the training program. The content of these modules deal with the system states ‘Alert’, ‘Emergency’ and ‘Blackout’ and complement each other. The training starts with the module ‘Restoration’ followed by the module ‘Emergency’ and being completed by the module ‘Alert’.

  • The module ‘Restoration’ deals with the recovery of the power system after a severe disturbance. Scenarios are focusing on different strategies and their tactical adaptation to the restoration process of the power system after a total blackout. The strategies distinguishes the process of restoration with the support of a neighbouring partner or the restoration process without support using black start capabilities. The main objectives are the improvement of Knowledge, skills and practical experience regarding technical effects during a restoration process, the interaction of the system, power production and load pick up respecting technical limitations, as well as handling of the voltage profiles and power/frequency balancing. Further the black starts of power generation units, creating black start paths and synchronizing of islands are considered in this module. In addition the focus is put on the communication in the particular control centres and their interaction. The practical exercises are preformed using the training simulator.


  • The module ‘Emergency’ distinguishes the system state ‘Emergency’ and the system state ‘Alert’. The system state ‘Emergency’ requires immediate operational actions to prevent the power system from a blackout situation. The performed scenarios cover amongst other issues the handling of critical voltage profiles, power system splitting and islanding including under-/over-frequency situations, overloads and power production shortages. The task of the trainees is to analyse the situation, to evaluated different strategies to stabilise the situation and to act accordingly to the power system requirements. The practical exercises are performed using the training simulator.


  • Dealing with the system state ‘Alert’ the scenarios start from the ‘Normal’ system state in general. The power system is moved to the state ‘Alert’ by e.g. changing the power production and load patterns, influencing the power balancing, by tripping lines or other equipment. This is done during the training session dynamically. The objectives are to train operators in fast and quick recognizing of the system state and decision making. In addition to the handling of the voltage profile, avoiding of overloads and managing the power/frequency balance, the preventive congestion management (N-1) and the maintenance of short circuit power are in the main focus. The practical part of the selected scenarios is done on a training simulator.

While the training modules ‘Restoration’ and ‘Emergency’ the mainly deal with technical effects, the training module ‘Alert’ takes the Intra-Day-market into account.