Natural Gas System

Gas systems regardless whether they are national transmission networks, regional transmission grids or networks of the public gas suppliers, are controlled 24 hours a day and 365 days per year from corresponding dispatching centres. The task of the responsible dispatchers is, to know the characteristics of their networks in normal mode, as well as to recognize any deviations from this normal mode and to take appropriate counteractions if necessary. Normally, a possibility to train the required actions does not exist.

Due to this fact, since 2006 a trainingsimulator for operating gasnetworks was developed. With this simulator it is possible to model a gas system efficiently to bridge this gap. Our objective has been to offer training courses for dispatchers, who will train the operation of their own gas network with a realistic and reliable model within our training simulator.

The requirement for the realization of such simulator based training courses is, that the participants learn as quickly as possible the handling of the simulator and to recognize their own gas network.

Principally it is possible to map all kinds of gas networks and gas pipelines with full equipment and facilities.

The topics and szenarios of the training courses will be personalized with the companies and fill usually 2 training days. According to the qualification of the participants, simple szenarios like usual operation of gas networks, but also challenging tasks with complicated disturbances can be trained. New stuff of dispatching centres have the possibilities to learn the characteristics of their own gas network and train a secure operation of their network.

The realizedtraining courses so far for public gas suppliers and regional and national grid operators has shown that the understanding in network operating within the two days distinctly increase and the dispatcher get safer in operating of their own gas network.